10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Bullet Journalers

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As you can tell by it being Monday now, I took a day for myself yesterday. I actually didn’t write a single word. I kept meaning to get started, but never actually did. I spent the day working on a few projects I needed to finish and I went to my niece’s baby shower.


But, I am back to work today, and ready to go. I have come up with some awesome gift ideas for your bullet journal enthusiast! These are going to be my Top 10 Gift Ideas. The list could just keep going on forever if I didn’t limit the number.


While there will be some things you expect with bullet journaling in this list, you will also see some less thought about ideas. The point of it being a gift, or even a gift idea, is possibly being something the person might not buy for themselves, but could really enjoy, so there are some really fun things that I love in the list!


I also realize that not everyone has the same budget to work with. No worries! I have some higher end products here for consideration, along with some products that will be great for any budget.


Let’s start with some of the more obvious choices.


1: A Bullet Journal – Yep, that is about as obvious as it gets. There are a few kinds, with the most popular bound journals being Leuchtturm1917 and Scribbles That Matter. Both are about the same in cost. They run about $20 each, depending on when you purchase them. There are often sell prices on Amazon and other sites.


2: Travelers Notebook – There has been a surge lately in the popularity of travelers notebooks. There are several different sizes available on the market. There are accessories for each size, a variety when it comes to covers, and thickness of the notebook. There are inserts and dashboards boards that go inside the notebook. One could really go crazy getting all the items to put one together, and fill a shopping cart (virtual or not) with all the travelers notebook goodies. I am linking to one I like, but you will not find any shortage of shapes, colors, materials or sizes. Inserts can come with the cover or separate, so just make a note of what size you are getting. You can find custom inserts on Etsy and all over the Internet. The prices on travelers notebooks and accessories is too varied for a quote. Generally speaking, I would say you are looking at something at or around $50 (or more) for a quality cover. Inserts can range from $1-10 each depending on what you are getting. There are some custom inserts that go for more, but you should be covered in that range.


3: A Set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens – Since you have nice new notebooks on the list, you need to have the pens to write in them. While there are a lot of brands and types of pens, Tombows are highly sought-after because of the quality and the wide range of colors. They offer 96 colors, which is nearly double what you will find with any other pen. You also get the brush tip, which is nice for coloring or calligraphy, as well as the bullet nib, which is great for normal writing and getting into smaller spaces. These are really nice markers, and they are water-based, so you can use them in a variety of ways on the page. The full set runs around $145 normally, but there are regular sales on this item also. I saw them for about $96 on Amazon a few days ago. That’s a huge savings. If you put them in a wish list you can monitor the price changes.


4: Stencils – There are all kind of stencils to make bullet journals a little more interesting and still quick to put together. A lot of people really like a more decorative layout for there journals. It gives them the feeling of being creative. Sometimes it is time consuming and some people just don’t think they are up to the challenge. Stencils help with that. They give you a lot of options to choose from depending on the pack you get. The 20-piece set I chose has just about anything you can think of – from banners to bullets and everything in between. It’s inexpensive too, which is good for any budget. As I am posting this they are listed at $9.68 (down from $19.99), which is over 50% off!


Let’s move on to some of the less common things that would be great for someone who loves to bullet journal, and also loves stickers! My next few suggestions kind of revolve around the subject of stickers.


5: Silhouette Cameo – What can I say? Everyone who likes journals and paper crafting of any kind would just love their very own sticker printer and cutter. And these machines really do so much more. There is design software, and a library of things already made that can be printed. It cuts a variety of materials. It will allow you to outline and “kiss cut” your stickers, which means no more tedious fussy cutting with scissors to cut out designs. It is a lovely machine. They are not cheap though. The newest version is going to run you about $240 on its own, with the bundle (and all kinds of fun goodies) at about $270. The bundles are really good deals, and I am sure around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you are going to want to watch out for some amazing deals on these things.


6: Cricut Explore Air 2 – This is Cricut’s version of the same thing. You can do almost everything on this that you can the Cameo. There are different designs for this brand. It is really a matter of brand preference with these. I would say the Cameo is number one with this being a very close second, among sticker designers. There is a little more limitation in the software as to what you can do, but not something a lot of people would notice unless they professionally design stickers. This set is going to run about $299.99 but comes with more tools to work with. It’s a really nice bundle.


7: Xyron 5 Inch Create A Sticker – For stickers on a budget, you want to go with a manual sticker machine. This is a great machine. I have a small one-inch version, the 2.5 inch version and I just purchased the 5 inch version because it is on sale. This is an easy-to-use tool. You design or print whatever you want as a sticker, cut it out onto whatever paper you like, and run it through this little machine. It adds adhesive to the back, and instant sticker! I just love mine. As long as it fits the dimensions, you can make it a sticker in 5 seconds flat. Right now it is on sale for $19.99.


8: Sizzix BigKick – This is a die cutting and embossing machine. You put metal dies and whatever paper you like in the machine, crank it through and it cuts out the shape of the die. Some dies comes with stamps to stamp onto the paper and then cut out, some are just the dies. There are dies for any subject matter you can think of. This eliminates fussy cutting also. The shapes get cut out for you, and you can use glue or glue sticks on the back to adhere it to your project or journal page, or you can throw it in your trusty sticker maker and make it a sticker! The options are really only limited by your creativity with these! This big guy will run about $80 but there are smaller and more compact versions, as well as different brands. They all pretty much do the same things. Size of the plates will determine how big a cutout you will be able to make with it. And you can find the smaller versions of this around $40. So, they are quite affordable. I think they get you when you get addicted to all the dies, and have to start buying them individually. So, if you are shopping for someone and getting them one of these cutters, throw in a couple of cute dies too! Just for fun.


9: Fiskars Procision Paper Trimmer – Once you realize all the wonderful things you can make on your own, at home, as a paper crafter and bullet journaler, you need a good paper cutter. For those of us simple printing sticker sheets to go in a bullet journal to those of us who want to go ahead and create our very one travelers notebook inserts, it’s better to have a quality paper trimmer. The Procision is going to be able to handle anything you can throw at it. It folds up neatly. It cuts smoothly through a variety of paper weights, and several pages at a time, and will even cut through chip board. This is a fantastic home trimmer, or even small office trimmer. It’s going to run about $65 on amazon. Fiskars has several smaller versions of paper trimmers that will also get the job done. It is a trusted brand when it comes to paper cutting, so you really can’t go wrong.


10: Planner Stamps – You wont really go wrong with anything you find here either. If stickers and stencils aren’t your journal “thing”, stamps might be. A simple way to bust out quick layouts is to do it with planner stamps. There is a huge selection and multiple brands names that produce planner stamps. I like the Create 365 stamps because these include cute little bullet list stamps and they have a lot of different subjects that they cover with their stamp sets. There is a set for occasions and holidays, a calendar set, birthday and appointments. If you can think of it, to put in your planner, they probably have a stamp to match. This 2 pack of stamps is $17.50. They are clear stamps, so if you are new to the field and are unsure about the difference between rubber stamps and clear stamps, all you need to know is that clear stamps are usually laid on with some kind of stamp block. They are generally clear so the stamper can see where they are about to place the stamp. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes. I would suggest something like this one, for a planner person.


And, there we have it – 10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Bullet Journalers. A couple words of advice, if you are getting a journal of travelers notebook, casually find out what size your recipient uses. Size is everything. If you are buying things for a newbie, go with the standard A5 in the bound books, and Standard Size in the travelers notebooks, as those are pretty safe bets to start with. A5 is becoming more popular in travelers notebooks too. With all other things on the list, it’s stickers, stencils, and stamps. And the pens, no one will ever complain about a full set of Tombows. Those are also available in packs of 10 if you can’t splurge on your recipient.

I do hope you found this list helpful and in time for your holiday shopping. As promised I tried to find some really nice gift ideas that were different from my Top 10 Favorite Products. Check out those items too if you are looking for more ideas. The LT1917 and the Tombows are the only things that made both lists. That is really due to their popularity and quality above all else. Leave a comment below if you think of a wonderful gift idea that I might have left off, or if you have something on your wishlist that should be noted. I am always scouting new products. I love trying them all!



Until next time, Happy Journaling!



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  1. Jaimie says:

    I highly suggest people invest in stencils from Etsy- specifically moxie dori or oopsadaisyuk. Many of the amazon sellers, wish sellers, AliExpress sellers, etc have flat out stolen designs from reputable Etsy stores and mass produce and sell the stencils for dirt cheap. Additionally, the plastic stencils from amazon (I have a set) are super cheap and flimsy. They slide all over the page and easily bend/ crinkle, making them useless. A lot of the metal stencils on amazon will ruin your pens, and have such sharp edges that they have cut people.

    Two other great tools I like that are inexpensive are a helix circle maker, and a metal 6 inch ruler or a clear ruler that will slip in the back pocket of your journal.

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