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How to Win a Bullet Journal Giveaway

If you haven’t had any success in the bullet journal giveaways you’ve entered, you could start to worry that you’ve just got bad luck. While it is possible that the giveaways you’ve entered were fixed, or that there are just too many entrants for you to have a chance of winning, you probably just haven’t won the numbers game… yet!

The fact of the matter is that you can win bullet journal giveaways, and the key to winning them is to have patience, be persistent, and hustle to control what you can control. I have won several bullet journal contests myself, and it has always been because I followed these three key pieces of advice:

Have Patience

It is important to remember that not all contests will be won right away. In fact, it may take several tries before finally winning one. Even a single bullet journal giveaway may gather entries for weeks! So you might have already entered the giveaway you’ll win. It is important to not give up and to keep trying. The more bullet journal giveaways that are entered, the greater the chances of eventually winning one.


Being persistent is also key to winning bullet journal giveaways. This means continuing to enter even if you have not been successful in the past. It is important to remember that each entry is a new chance to win. Additionally, many giveaways will have multiple winners, so even if you do not win the first time, you may still have a chance to win second or third place and a smaller prize.

Why you aren’t winning bujo giveaways

1. You aren’t Actively Looking for Giveaways to Enter

Even if you are following some interesting accounts, there is still a possibility that you may overlook potential possibilities because of all the noise that is there online. To stay up to date, configre alerts for specific keywords, which will help filter the tweets and emails that you get.

Winning Bullet Journal Giveaways on Twitter

When I am conducting a search on Tweetdeck, I often add keywords such as “giveaway,” “retweet to win,” etc. These phrases are the ones that are most likely to be incorporated into a contest announcement.

Some people who are really into competitions have taken the process of automating their submissions to an entirely new level by using bots that will automatically retweet or enter everything that has a competition question, but social media managers (rightly) tend to screen winning entries to ensure they’re active, real users before awarding the prize.

Winning Giveaways on Blogs and Websites

The best way to find out about bullet journal giveaways is to set up a google alert for relevant keywords. Click here to learn how to set up a google alert to be notified of new contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways. Then, Google will alert you when a bullet journaling brand or influencers is launching a giveaway promotion. When my alerts generate too many contests from which to pick, I’m more discerning about which ones to participate in, concentrating on those that include my favorite products or rewards that I will really use.

To stay productive, I don’t spend more than five minutes checking in on any of the lists that have been sent to me by my alerts, and after I’m through, I can just wait for a notification or mention to alert me if I’ve won.

Winning Giveaways on Instagram

On Instagram, follow the hashtag #GIVEAWAY and enter in a variety of giveaways.

If you want to find giveaways, the best way to do so is to follow the hashtag ‘GIVEAWAY.’ Make sure to look at the ‘RECENT’ tab to find new giveaways and contests with fewer entires. Are you someone who has a particular interest in bullet journaling? Follow the #bujogiveaway hashtag as well, since this strategy can help you find and win the products you actually want. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you should also discover a new person to follow and participate in other competitions.

Essential bullet journaling supplies include a pen, ruler, pencil, eraser, gray Copic markers, and mildliner highlighters, all pictured in this photograph.

3. You’re Participating in Contests from huge accounts.

Some Bullet Journaling Instagram accounts have a massive following and others have only a few. There are a variety of reasons why some Instagram accounts have many followers while others are small. Some of the most popular reasons include the quality of content, the frequency of posts, and the level of engagement.

If you enter two different competitions, and one company has 100,000 followers while the other only has 500, which of the bullet journal giveaway do you have a better chance of winning? It’s not rocket science, is it? Look for giveaways that are being hosted by people who have a relatively modest number of followers; this will significantly increase your chances of winning. You are also assisting them in growing, so it’s win-win!

3. You aren’t Reading all the Rules

Don’t just follow rules- exceed expectations! This will help you stand out to contest organizers.

Typical giveaway rules have a few steps. Here’s an example:

  • Take your own photo that is in a specific way similar to the image in the post,
  • Post the photo on your account,
  • Include the names of a specified number of your friends and online connections,
  • Share your feedback or name one way you’d use the prize,
  • Follow other profiles that are contributing to the giveaway’s prizes.

However, keep in mind that there is no standard. As there is nothing that obligates the organizer to act in a certain manner, they may ask you to meet all of the above requirements, some of them, or others not on this list. Within FCC rules for sweepstakes guidelines, organizers are free to define the criteria in any way that they deem suitable.

Sharpie pens and sharpie markers marked with tape.

Pro Tips (from an Organizer) for Winning Bullet Journal Giveaways

There is no foolproof strategy that will ensure victory in a bullet journal giveaway, but there are a few things you can do to improve your odds of taking home the prize.

  • First things first, check to be that you are following the terms of the give away and that you satisfy the conditions to be eligible for it.
  • Enter your information the maximum number of times permitted.
  • Finally, you should promote your entry on social media and encourage your friends and family to vote for you so that you can win.

Make your Profile look like the Ideal Winner

It’s very possible that a promoter may check over your profile before choosing whether or not you’re a winner, so you should make sure it looks nice.

Include a photo along with an engaging bio. When people check out your profile, the photographs they see first may be your entries into other contests, so try to mix up contest entry posts with your own personal photography. Round out your profile by posting fresh, interesting stuff. You should only enter re-post based giveaways sparingly and delete them from your profile as soon as the winner is declared. Ideally, you should add some stories and highlights across the top of your profile as well, such as your favorite photographs from trips or restaurants.

FInal Thoughts on Winning Bullet Journal Giveaways

The frequency of your giveaway wins is directly proportional to the frequency with which you enter the giveaway. It’s true that there will always be times when you don’t win anything, but there will also be seasons when you win multiple prizes.

Keep in mind that entering giveaways is not a career, and they are certainly not a way to get rich! The things that you win will most likely be cheap, fun items that arent worth much for resale.

However, if you are patient enough to wait it out and see it through to the end, bullet journal giveaway could be a way to build bullet journal supplies on a budget. If you keep applying follow the rules, and optimize your profile, you’ll discover that you have a far better chance of success than you would have thought.