Here I will answer the questions I get asked most often. I will keep them as organized as possible, and broken into categories.

Supplies I use:

For my Bullet Journal

Let’s start with the basics. I love purple, and I love a sturdy cover, so this one from TUL is working out great right now. It is the Junior Size, which is basically a half-letter page, or about an A5 (for anyone international). This one comes with a nice quality note paper inside it. I use the paper that comes with it for quick notes and lists, on the go, or if I need to write something down for someone. You can purchase it on Amazon here, or they can be found in local Office Depot / Staples stores. They can also be purchased in a full letter size, here. (Junior – $17.99 and Letter – 24.99 on Amazon)

These are available in a variety of colors.


If you plan to add your own pages, and not just use the ones that come from the company, I suggest using a punch like this one. It can be purchased here. This is great and sturdy. Now, some people use the Happy Planner disc system, and I have some of the Happy Planners, but I chose not to use the punch (by them) for a couple of reasons. First, the amount of space taken by the punch, down the side of the page, is a little deeper with the Happy Planner punch. This can cause a couple of issues, depending on your style. I find that I like to use as much of the page as I can for writing, and decorating, so I prefer the thinner punch area of the TUL. Also, if you are going to be using smaller discs, the depth of the punch can cause pages to hit while on the disc, and make page turning interesting. The one for Happy Planners has a 9 hole, 99.25-inchlimit also, so it doesn’t really fit for anyone using a full letter page. The TUL has guides for different sizes and will fit multiple sizes easily. This is just my opinion on the difference between the two and why I chose to use TUL. (34.99 on Amazon)


Speaking of making my own pages… My favorite paper is by Hammermill. This is the 32lb. Color Copy paper, and it is super smooth, and take ink very well. It is my top choice for paper, and you can grab it here. I prefer this to standard printer paper because it is super smooth to the touch, there is little bleed and shadowing, and it holds up very well. I can remove pages over and over and won’t have to worry about the paper tearing or the holes holding their shape. (about $16 on Amazon)

For dividers, I use Hammermill 80lb Cover (card stock). This makes the dividers sturdy. You can grab it here. (about $17 on Amazon)

Hammermill Paper can usually be found in your local office supply stores, also.


My absolute favorite (of all my favorites) is my Micron pens. I purchased this 6-pack which has varying tip sizes and would suit anyone’s writing needs. The ink is archival, waterproof, and dries almost instantly. You can grab it here. These pens also come in a small variety of colors. I have my pens with me wherever I go. I keep one with my journal. I even use them for my artwork. I have to buy new ones all the time because I use them so much. And, if that was not enough, they don’t bleed. Scribble all day in your bujo, and the ink will not bleed through to the other side. This is true for normal printer paper, just as much as it is for thicker paper. ($6.99 on Amazon)

Also available in local office supply stores and craft stores.


For a little more color, with my liners, I use Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. I have the 20-pack. You can grab it here. This pack gives you a nice range of colors but is also available in different size packs to suit your needs. I love color coding with these and filling in trackers. There will be a little shadowing on the back of the page, depending on the weight of your paper, but nothing noticeable. I will note that with thinner paper, there may be a tiny bit of bleeding if you are coloring something in or go over the same spot multiple times. For general use, though, these are great. ($18.90 on Amazon)

Also available in local office supply stores and craft stores.


Love to highlight? These are the pens you want. They are Zebra Mildliners. They are perfect, and they do not bleed through the paper, like some of the regular highlighters can, and are available in a great range of colors. I got this set of three 5-packs. It covers all my highlighting needs. You can grab your sets here. I have yet to find anything like these locally, so chances are you will need to get them online, like Amazon. You can purchase the sets separately if you prefer. ($14.90 on Amazon)




Hand-lettering is something I have been working on, recently. For that, I love a Tombow Dual Brush pen. Tombow brush pens are great for this. They are dual pens, so they have a brush end and a bullet end. They work as liners and as calligraphy pens. You can grab this set here. They come in a wide variety of colors, and can be purchased in packs like this, and even as a complete set with a stand for your desk. I use these for titling my pages and my headers. ($21.56 on Amazon)




Prefer colored pencils? Right now, I am kind of loving the look of my Prismacolor colored pencils on my spreads. I recently went to grab a red pencil I was missing to color my monthly dashboard, and ended up buying the pack of 150! Yep, I wanted it. So, I now have a few (several) duplicates, but all of my pencils were starting to get a little short, anyway. You can grab the 150-pack for an amazing price right now, also! ($90.95 on Amazon! normally over $300) Grab it here, or grab a smaller pack that fits your needs. It’s really hard to pass up such a great deal, though. The packs range from 12 to 150, or you can usually find them individually in your local craft store. Prismacolor Colored Pencils can also be found at office supply stores and anywhere they sell art supplies, really.


Long-term storage for permanent collections or pages. My favorite, and a favorite amongst bujo junkies, in the hardbound journal line, is the Leuchtturm1917. Great quality cover, wonderful paper quality, holds ink well, has numbered pages, a pocket, an index, bookmarks, and so many wonderful touches. Available in a variety of colors. Grab one here. For collections and spreads that are a little more personal or ones that I don’t need to carry with me, I store them in one of these beauties. I just love this journal, and if I didn’t like to customize every page, add and remove pages, and move things around, I would probably do all my planning in one of these. (around $20 on Amazon)



Great gel pens. If you want a great pen, without the worry of bleed, or even shadowing, I use Pilot Frixion Gel Pens. I use the 20-pack for the range of colors. They write super smoothly, and they are erasable! That’s right. Grab them here. If you hate making mistakes (like I do) in permanent marker, then you will want these pens. What is better than a pretty and colorful ink that you can erase, when you make a little boo-boo? I can’t think of much. I adore these, and I recommend them to anyone else with a little bit of OCD when it comes to their bujo. ($31.98 on Amazon)




(Note*** These are affiliate links, which only means if you click on one and then make a purchase, I get a teeny tiny commission for the sale. It really doesn’t affect you at all, because Amazon pays the commission, but I like to mention it just in case.)