NaNoWriMo 2017 Day 4 Quick Update

Hey everyone!


It’s late on Saturday here, and I wanted to jump on and give you a quick update regarding my posts here and on Amanda Moon Studios for the remainder of the month, as part of a mini update on my NaNoWriMo progress.

First, let me just say that I have been writing like a crazy person these first four days. My target (as was most people’s) word count for Day 4 should be 6668. Before starting this post, I was at 8166. That is nearly enough to hit tomorrow’s target a day early!

One thing I am noticing, rather quickly, is I am doing so much writing I barely have time to do other things. As I stated in a previous post, there is a whole lot that goes into making one post. I don’t simply type the words, click post and I am done. I have to type gather links to products I talk about (especially on my art blog) so you can see which products I am referring to, create a graphic for the post, format the text to look right when it is posted and then I can post it. Once I do that I have to share the post so everyone knows where to find it. Now, multiply all those steps by two!

That’s a lot of work for one day! And I have done it for the past 3 days. But, I am going to quickly run out of things to talk about if I don’t have time to create anything.

Since I am such a huge talker, I am noticing that I am meeting my daily word count targets with one post. So, rather than posting to both blogs every day, I am going to alternate blogs. For the rest of the month, I will make a post here, one day, and the following day I will post to Amanda Moon Studios. This should ease my work load enough to allow me time to create new spread for you, in addition to my normal printables and new products, and art projects for everyone on the Studio blog.

I know I promised you a Current Journal Setup post today, and trust me it is coming, but I got up this morning (feeling creative) and started changing my entire setup! I know! I’m crazy like that sometimes. So, the setup I had this morning is no longer current, it’s under construction. I will be posting the new setup next week. Hopefully I will have that post on Tuesday. I will start the alternating posts tomorrow, here. That means Monday’s post will be on Amanda Moon Studios.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a little update on where everything stood, so if you were expecting to see my setup today, you would know why it has been delayed. And, for those of you who were looking for a new post every day for the rest of the month, I would hate to get burnt out on posting all together, so I hope you understand why I am easing the number of posts I will be making. I will still be able to cover most everything I planned on covering. Not to mention I still need to have something to talk about in December!

That’s gonna wrap things up for today. I will see you here tomorrow with some fun gift ideas!


Until next time, Happy Journaling!




(Today’s Word Count 571. Total on this blog: 5967. Grand Total: 8737.)


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