BujoJunkieChallenge – January 2018: New Year – New Start

Hello, junkies! I am beyond exited to be bringing the Bujo Junkie Challenge back for 2018, and here on out! It’s time to reveal January’s Theme… New Year – New Start!

In addition to the information provided on the #BuJoJunkieChallenge Page, I wanted to let you in on my thought process and the inspiration behind this theme.

I also wanted to expand upon each of the prompts, and really help you dive into each one.

PSST… Everything you need to know about how to participate in the challenge, is right here.

The start of the New Year inevitably leads to reevaluating goals and priorities, in addition to setting resolutions. However, resolutions tend to be set on the fly, perhaps in passing, and with no real follow-through. They tend to fail about 90% of the time.

Setting goals doesn’t have to be something that you fail at every year. There are some fantastic steps to keep you on track and help you set goals that you CAN achieve. The beginning of the year can be a complete reset on your goals, and how you are completing them. But, the important thing here is that you ARE actually completing them.

With that in mind, I wanted to bring you prompts that would help you set the correct goals, and make sure you are doing so with success in mind. I want you to be successful in completing the Bujo Junkie Challenge this month, but I also want you to be successful in completing your goals this year.

We will start off with getting everything out of your head and on paper. Then, we can move into organizing and prioritizing all those things. Finally, we will take note of the progress being made and share our tips and tricks to stay focused. I can’t wait to see your responses to the prompts this month!

I spent a lot of time putting together the #BujoJunkieChallenge prompts for this month, and I tried to put them into an order that made sense, moving forward each day.

The challenge prompts will always be completely open to interpretation, but some people like a more in depth look at the challenge prompts than the few words in the graphic. That’s perfectly fine! Below, I will expand on each one of the prompts, and ask questions to get you really thinking about each one.

But, for now, it is time to unveil the prompts for January.


There are many different ways to participate in this challenge. It is designed as a journaling challenge, and ideally you could write a paragraph on each prompt, but there are so many other ways to follow the prompts. You can be as simple or as creative as you like. Be minimalist or go over the top. There is no “wrong” way to complete the challenge.

  1. INTRODUCTIONS – Introduce yourself to the rest of the community.
  1. THEME/WORD FOR 2018 – What is your theme or word of the year for 2018? What meaning does it carry for you? Do you have just one, or multiple?
  1. YOUR MONSTER LIST – Sit down, grab a pencil and paper, and unload everything that needs your focus, no matter how big or small the task or goal. Make YOUR monster list.
  2. TOP 3 GOALS THIS YEAR – What are your top 3 goals for the year?
  3. TOP 3 WILL NOT REPEATS FOR 2018– What are 3 habits or mistakes you refuse to repeat in 2018?
  4. THIS YEAR, I WILL . . . – Complete the sentence. What is that big thing you know you WILL accomplish this year?
  5. THIS MONTH, I WILL . . . – Complete the sentence. What is the top priority for this month?
  6. WHEN LIFE KNOCKS YOU BACK – Life happens, right? What do you do to get yourself back on track, when things drift off course?
  7. GATHER THE SCATTERED – Gather up all your post-it notes, memo pads, and miscellaneous lists and bring them all to one place. This can apply to more than just lists. Gather up all those books you have been telling yourself you are going to read.
  8. SORT LIKE A BOSS – Sort it all out. Everything you pulled together, yesterday – sort it all into main categories, like HOME, PERSONAL, BUSINESS, FINANCIAL, KIDS, etc.
  9. THERE’S NOTHING LIKE SPECIFICITY – Start analyzing your goals, and be specific. Leave no room for ambiguity. These are your goals so don’t leave any room for interpretation.
  10. MEASURABILITY – How will you measure your success toward achieving your goals?
  11. DELEGATION / ASSIGNMENT – How do delegate things that can be done by someone else?
  12. REALISTICALLY FEASIBLE – Goals should present a challenge but be achievable with effort. Are your goals realistically feasible? How will you overcome those challenges to bring your goals to fruition?
  13. TIMELINES – In what time frame do you hope to achieve your big goals?
  14. A LITTLE REWARD – When you take steps to reach your goals, you deserve a little reward. What progress have you made in achieving your goals? How will you reward yourself for sticking to your goals?
  15. GETTING OVER THE LULL – The excitement of the New Year is starting to wear off. What do you do to push through the lull and keep with your goals?
  16. ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT – With the newness fading, you can reevaluate. In what area are you beginning to see room for improvement?
  17. THINGS I CAN START TODAY – What is a simple project or two on your Monster List that you can get done today, or at least start today?
  18. AVOIDING PROCRASTINATION – How do you avoiding procrastination, especially on those tasks you need to, but really don’t want to, do?
  19. WEEK IN REVIEW – 3 weeks in. How do you perform a weekly review?
  20. TODAY’S LIST – What is on your list of things to do today?
  21. DAILY ROUTINES – Do you have a daily routine? How does it help with achieving your goals?
  22. ACTION STEPS  – What are the next actionable steps in your current project?
  23. ACCOUNTABILITY – How do you hold yourself accountable to your goals?
  24. ORGANIZING THOUGHTS – Where do your keep and organize your random thoughts?
  25. MY FULL 2018 VISION – Now that we have listed things out and organized them all, what does your full vision for 2018 look like?
  26. MIND SWEEPING – Mind sweeping is an activity where you go through everything left rolling around in your head, and get it all out and onto paper. No matter how small the task, clear your mind of all of it.
  27. HOW I STAY FOCUSED – How do you steer clear of distractions and stay on task?
  28. MONTH-END REVIEW – How have you done this month? Was it successful? What successes and failures do you have? Acknowledge both, and grow. What can you do to keep from having those same failures next month? What should you start, stop, and keep up?
  29. NEXT MONTH, I WILL . . . – Complete the sentence. Looking forward to February, what will you accomplish next month?

Hopefully, by breaking down each one of the prompts and expanding on them, I can help you really dive into the challenge each month. If the goal is to learn from each other, and gain some inspiration, then engagement is the key. I want to make it as easy to engage as possible.

You can find the full challenge graphic, printable, and instructions on how to join the community right here.


Bullet Journal Junkie

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    • Bullet Journal Junkie says:

      Fantastic! It should be a lot of fun with goal setting and planning for the new year. There will most likely be some instagram stories on the prompts each day. I am considering a vlog, but not 100% sure yet… Even if it is like 3 days away! lol

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