#BuJoJunkieChallenge February 2018 – Self Care & Reflection

Hello, junkies! The January Bujo Junkie Challenge was a wonderful success over on the Facebook Group and Instagram! It’s time to reveal February’s Theme… Self Care & Reflection!

In addition to the information provided on the #BuJoJunkieChallenge Page, I wanted to let you in on my thought process and the inspiration behind this theme.

I also wanted to expand upon each of the prompts, and really help you dive into each one.

PSST… Everything you need to know about how to participate in the challenge, is right here.


Since a lot of people associate February with Valentine’s Day and love, I wanted to do a self care and reflection month. As far as I see it, you cannot really love others until you learn to love yourself. And, for those of you diggin the single life, this is the perfect way to care for yourself and spend the month as your own valentine.

Throughout the month we will be doing some self reflection prompts to get to who we are, at our core. It’s just as important to note our flaws as it is to note our strengths. The more self aware you are, the more you can learn and grow. You’ll also be more confident in what you want and what you need. This comes in handy whe n you are looking for a life partner or making any big, long-term decision in your life.

So, with each prompt and day this month, we are going to do two things. I want you all to do something for yourself each day of the month and write down what it was (that’s the first thing), and then respond to the prompt for the day.

I spent a lot of time putting together the #BujoJunkieChallenge prompts for this month, so I do hope you join in and enjoy it.

The challenge prompts will always be completely open to interpretation, but some people like a more in depth look at the challenge prompts than the few words in the graphic. That’s perfectly fine! Below, I will expand on each one of the prompts, and ask questions to get you really thinking about each one.

But, for now, it is time to unveil the prompts for February.


There are many different ways to participate in this challenge. It is designed as a journaling challenge, and ideally you could write a paragraph on each prompt, but there are so many other ways to follow the prompts. You can be as simple or as creative as you like. Be minimalist or go over the top. There is no “wrong” way to complete the challenge.

  1. ME IN 3 WORDS – Introduce yourself to the rest of the community by describing yourself in three words.
  2. ONE THING I MUST HAVE – What is an absolute must have in any area of your life? What can you not live without?
  3. ONE THING I CAN’T STAND – What is one thing you would love to never see or hear of again? What can’t you stand?
  4. THE NICEST THING I’VE HEARD – What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
  5. MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT – Name the biggest accomplishment in your life so far.
  6. MY VALENTINE SHOULD BUY ME . . . – Time to drop a hint, so what should your valentine be buying?
  7. MY BEST QUALITIES – Name some of your best qualities, try for 3 of them.
  8. MY WORST QUALITIES – Name some of your worst qualities. It’s important to to know so you can grow from them, so name 3.
  9. I AM AT MY BEST WHEN . . .  – Complete the sentence. When are you really at you best?
  10. I AM AT MY WORST WHEN . . .  – Complete the sentence. When are you at your worst?
  11. TODAY, I’LL CARE FOR MYSELF BY – What will you do to take care of YOU today?
  12. NEW HABITS FORMED THIS YEAR – What new habits have you formed this year? Are they good ones?
  13. BAD HABITS BROKEN THIS YEAR – What bad habits from 2017 have you broken so far this year?
  14. MY IDEAL DAY – What does your ideal day look like?
  15. BEFORE 2019, I WILL . . . – What is one thing you will accomplish FOR YOURSELF before next year?
  16. WHAT I WANT TO PROJECT – What do you want to project to others? What do you hope they see?
  17. I’VE GOT TO STOP . . .  – What is something you need to quit doing?
  18. I REALLY NEED TO START . . . – What is the one thing you really need to start?
  19. MY GREATEST STRENGTHS – What are 3 of your greatest strengths? These are traits separate from your qualities.
  20. MY GREATEST WEAKNESSES – what are 3 of your weaknesses? These are traits separate from your qualities.
  21. THIS ENERGIZES ME  – What thing really energizes you and gets you going?
  22. TIRED, IN A GOOD WAY – What thing sends you to bed tired, in the best possible way?
  23. . . . MAKES ME FEEL HAPPY – Complete the sentence. What is it that makes you happy?
  24. . . . MAKES ME FEEL SAD – Complete the sentence. What is it that makes you sad?
  25. . . . MAKES ME FEEL HOPEFUL – Complete the sentence. What gives you hope?
  26. . . . WORRIES ME A LITTLE – Complete the sentence. what is a little troublesome?
  27. INTENTIONS FOR MARCH – Now that you know yourself a little better, what are your intentions in March?
  28. WHAT I HAVE LEARNED – What have you learned about yourself this month?

Hopefully, by breaking down each one of the prompts and expanding on them, I can help you really dive into the challenge each month. If the goal is to learn from each other, and gain some inspiration, then engagement is the key. I want to make it as easy to engage as possible.

You can find the full challenge graphic, printable, and instructions on how to join the community right here.


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