August 2017 #BuJoJunkieChallenge

Hiya Junkies!

A new month is upon us, so it is time for a new challenge!

Here is the new set of prompts for the month of August.

This month I will be monetoring your posts on social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook. I am going to create a gallery with them, that way more people can enjoy the beautiful work you all post!

I will create the gallery here, on the 1st with the first few images and I will be adding to it all month long.

Make sure you are using the hashtag #bujojunkiechallenge and feel free to tag me @bulletjournaljunkie on Instagram and Facebook. I love seeing your work!


That’s all for now! Next up my August setup.

Until Next Time, Happy Journaling…

Bullet Journal Junkie

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