12 Days of Giveaways – Day 1

Hey fellow junkies!

I am really excited because today kicks off my 12 Days of Giveaways! Each day there will be a new item in my shop that goes on sale for FREE! I do this as a little thank you for all the support I have received over the course of the year. And, if you check in each day, I guarantee you will be pretty much set for the new year.

There will be a new post each day for the next 12 days, letting you know and linking you directly to the item that will be free for the day. Each item will be free for the entire 24 hours. The posts are scheduled to go up at 12:00 AM and the items will change over to their sale price for that time period, so you do not even need a coupon code. Just shop as you normally would and the item will show as free during checkout.

Now, I have a couple of extra bits of information for you that you may want to know..

I have recently relaunched my YouTube Channel… and I will be going live some of these 12 Days over there… So, make sure you are subscribed, and hit the little bell for notifications. I will be giving away some extra goodies and supplies there. Click this link – Subcribe to the Bullet Journal Junkie Channel

Next, the BuJo Junkies Facebook Group is growing at a very impressive rate – so much so, I am having a hard time keeping up with all the approvals that are coming in. At least once during the 12 Days of Giveaways, I will be going live in the group, and doing a very special Thank You Giveaway also! So, make sure you are a member of that community – BuJo Junkies – and stay tuned for those announcements.

Finally, I love my Instagram followers as well, and so if I am going to giveaway items to my YouTube Subscribers, and my Facebook Groups, I can’t leave out my lovely Instagram Followers. So, I am going to run a giveaway over there… I am going to start that giveaway on Day 1. So, if you aren’t already following me over there, here is my Bullet Journal Junkie Instagram.

Ok… that should cover all the exciting stuff happening over the next 12 days. It’s going to be a little crazy busy for me, but so worth it. I love this part where I can give something back. And each group is unique so I want to give everyone a chance to win something. And, of course, you will have access to 12 free items during this whole giveaway period as well, so technically, everyone is a winner.

Let’s get to today’s freebie…

It is the Year At A Glance Printables. I have put the Monday and Sunday start versions on sale, so you can download whichever you like, or both.

Tomorrow, a new item will go up. So, until then, Happy Journaling..


Bullet Journal Junkie

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